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My name is Emily. 

I’m a fitness professional, mother of two, and widow as of March 2019 when my husband passed away from Uveal Melanoma. He was 32. Losing Ian, my husband, the father of my two children, and my best friend, turned my entire world inside out.

This is my story.

Not only did I value movement even more after losing him, but I found that moving my body was the only real way to cope with my grief, and I want to share it with you.

The Real Impact of Grief

When someone dies, your whole word stops.
It’s like time stands still and you don’t know which emotions to feel first.

Whether we believe that we are capable of moving forward from tragedy or not, the mere act of exercising moves us. Our bodies physiologically change when we workout, and no matter how devastated, how paralyzed, or how hopeless our circumstances might feel, our biochemistry has shifted!

Not only have we produced endorphins (making us happier), but exercise also creates a flow state — being so absorbed in an activity that it results in enjoyment of the process. This powerful combination of endorphins and flow can be essential to those struggling with grief as it provides them with temporary joy or relief from the pain.

Traditional Therapy Just Didn’t Work For Me

The problem with traditional grief therapy (ie. talking about it) is that trauma is stored in our bodies. Research proves that organs, tissues, skin, muscle and endocrine glands all have peptide receptors on them and can access and store emotional information. This means that emotional memory is stored in many places in the body! — not just or even primarily, in the brain. So verbalizing our emotions in traditional grief therapy can be really difficult when we’re just FEELING it!

Furthermore, when the nervous system is stuck in a state of hyperactivity, our flight or fight survival response gets caught in a loop. We feel frozen and feelings of anxiety, overwhelm, sadness and guilt become all encompassing. All of our attention is then fixed on negative thought patterns and we get stuck in them.

So what do we do when our mind is convincing us that we are incapable of moving forward?

We prove it wrong by moving our bodies!

What Is The moveTHRU Grief Method?

moveTHRU connects people who have experienced the loss of a special person in their lives, through exercise. Think of it as your grief support group but instead of talking about grief, we are moving THRU it! 

Together we tackle these 8 primary grief emotions through a series of systematic steps surrounding mindset, physical movement, self-reflection, & community.

This online course will cover each of the emotions of Shock, Stuck, Sadness, Anger, Loneliness, Anxiety, Guilt, & Surrender using the moveTHRU tools listed below. These modules are already mapped out for you, so you can move at your own pace if you choose.


Motivation is our reason(s) for acting or behaving in a particular way. When it comes to grief, we invite you to explore how and why a feeling or emotion is coming up for you? 


Instead of suppressing or pretending the feeling or emotion doesn’t exist, we encourage you to acknowledge it. Own it!


Feelings and emotions exist for a reason, and often they arise as a natural response to a loss. It’s ok (if not totally natural!) to feel this way.


Sometimes verbalizing grief is hard. Let’s experience your emotions and feel your feelings in a safe, supportive environment through movement.


Sometimes we need an example. Someone else who has felt our pain and walked our path. We feel you, we support you, and together, we empower one another to moveTHRU grief.


The loss of a loved one is devastating and there is no way to bypass the pain. We invite you to honor your tragedy, your grief, your timeline and your process.


When we give ourselves permission to feel our feelings and experience our emotions, we begin to view our loss from a different lens — finding new meaning and finally …


Our feelings and emotions are telling us something — it’s up to us to listen! Our final step is to uncover any takeaways or lessons from moving THRU grief.

Drawing from the principles of Acceptance & Commitment Theory, my personal grief journey, and inspiration that has helped me heal, I developed the THE moveTHRU METHOD (outlined above). The moveTHRU Method combines movement with intention, motivating participants to embrace their feelings, reframe negative thoughts, and challenge misconceptions about “how to grieve”. This method is applied to every workout in this online course. My goal is to support and empower anyone grieve by providing them with a community and the tools to cope with grief and continue living and loving life after loss.

Your One-Time Investment

I’m a firm believer that there is no right or wrong way to grieve and that everyone has their own personal path to healing. For me, that path has been through movement. 

I invested significant time and energy working with my therapist for 1.5 years. The advice that I received was certainly helpful, but nothing made me feel more empowered and confident that I was capable of moving forward from this tragedy than an intense HIIT workout to embody my anger or a grounding yoga flow. 

To this day, I’ve joined grief support groups and invested THOUSANDS of dollars on personal coaching or alternative therapies like talking to mediums. They all served a specific purpose for me and aided in my healing, but they weren’t reliable or long-term coping options for the following reasons: 

Grief is messy, unpredictable and constant. I needed an outlet for my grief when it came up on its own timeline! 

I had limited funds. One-on-one coaching or therapy sessions cost between $200-$400/session. This posed a long-term problem for me financially. .

I had even less time. I needed a coping solution that required as little time possible. After a quick intentional workout, I simply felt better. 

And sometimes, just feeling better is enough. 

For me, moving my body in an intentional workout helped me embrace my emotions and 

I want you to trust in your own grief journey.  You will ultimately discover what therapy works best for you. For now, I want to give you the tools, the support and the empowerment to moveTHRU grief: 

$497 USD


The moveTHRU Grief Course Bonuses

Along with lifetime access to the course content, I’d also like to invite to participate in our community through a few key add-ons that come with your purchase, at no extra cost.

BONUS #1: Private Facebook Group

This is a dedicated group for moveTHRU members who have purchased the course and want the support and accountability of a community to keep moving forward from loss! In this group I will answer questions and address comments about course content and host BONUS workouts so that we can move intentionally together as a community. We will check-in to hold each other accountable for completing workouts, validate each others feelings and emotions as we share in our collective loss, and celebrate breakthroughs in our grief. 

BONUS #2: Personal Consultation

After 8-weeks from purchasing the course, I’ll check in personally to invite you to a one-on-one Zoom call with me. During this call we can address anything that is coming up for you regarding the course and your grief journey! Do not expect therapy,  psychological analysis or any “shoulds” from me — I am not a therapist! I am a widow who has experienced a profound loss (just like you) and wants to share the tools and practices that I incorporated into my life to help me move forward. I’m hoping that I can support and empower you along your journey too!

BONUS #3: moveTHRU Mantras & PDFs

I’ve created downloadable PDF’s that you can easily access as a quick guide to move THRU each emotion. If you feel an emotion coming up for you, instead of revisiting all of the content in the course, you can download these guides to quickly find: 

– Mindset mantras to help reframe difficult situations

– Key takeaways and reminders from the module

– Suggested workouts, moves or breathing exercises to embody & release specific feelings & emotions 

Think of this as your “Cliff Notes” to moveTHRU Grief!

BONUS #4: Intention-Based Playlists

Each module includes a playlists of my personal favorite songs to moveTHRU every emotion covered in the course. Access the Anger playlist when you’re feeling the fury, and then play the Surrender playlist when you need more peace and calm in your life. These are BONUS tools to help you cope with whatever is coming up for you!

How To Access Your moveTHRU Course

 Your moveTHRU Grief Course can be done from any desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone, so you get to choose the timing, setting, and environment for your experience. I’ll be right here waiting to guide you along the way.

Upon logging in, you get immediate access to all the course materials, along with your built-in progress tracker, so you can stay focused on recovery while the website keeps remembers your last completed module.

Member Testimonials

Up until now, the moveTHRU Grief Course has only been available to live students in a 1-on-1 or small group setting, and thanks to the amazing results we’re all getting from it, I wanted to make this same system available to anyone and everyone online who is going going through the grief journey too.

Here’s what a few of them have to say about their experience:

“After my loss it felt hard to relate to others and express my feelings. Emily provides a safe environment to process and work through all the emotions that come from loss and grief with a community that understands. Plus its an amazing workout! I have never left a counseling session feeling that good!”


“moveTHRU has given me a safe place to be myself, grieve my loss, connect with others, and move through the feelings. It has really opened my eyes to how grief manifests physically in the body.”


“My workout with moveTHRU was a really powerful experience. Having been through traditional conversational therapy to cope with my brother’s passing, it was incredibly refreshing to sweat and work through those feelings without having to talk about how I’m feeling. I felt so empowered afterwards.”


“moveTHRU is the safe place that I’ve been looking for ever since I lost my first loved one. It is an environment that is welcoming to all emotions, to all types of people, and to all types of loss experiences. There was no “barrier to entry” or uncomfortable feeling upon joining, theater there was an immediate sense of inclusion and support from the community members. After losing multiple loved ones in my life, it ironically feels “good” to have found others that understand the pain, sadness and anger that reside with the journey of grief.”


“This is a powerful experience. Emily is an amazing instructor. It’s really cool to see someone leverage their talents to help others heal. Without a doubt, moveTHRU will assist many people processing life’s most challenging situations. “


About Emily Bingham

As a former ballerina, NASM Certified personal trainer, and current Spin and Barre Instructor, I’ve always found joy and value in movement. Yet, as I watched the cancer weaken my husband’s body to the point where he couldn’t play with our kids, get out of bed, and eventually take his life, I gained a renewed appreciation for my health and ability to move.

Verbalizing my feelings was always a challenge and lacked cathartic value for me. While I felt trapped trying to name or understand my emotions, I experienced a sense of freedom with every burpee, a hint of courage with every rep of a heavy weight, and a glimmer of hope with every drop of sweat fleeing my body

Frequently Asked Questions

So you probably have some questions about this course, and I want to make sure that you feel good about joining our community, so here’s a few Frequently Asked Questions that will help you get an understanding of just exactly what you’re getting.

How long do I have access to the course?

The grief journey is different for everyone, so just to make sure you always have the resources you need, your course comes with lifetime access and your membership never expires.

Will this work for me?

The truth is…I don’t know.  All I can offer is my experience and the experience of my students. What I can tell you is that the people who stick with the program are the ones who get the most out of it.

What kind of support comes with the course?

*EMILY – private Facebook group? Small group Zoom chats?

I very recently lost someone…Is it too soon to start something like this?

*EMILY – need your wisdom here.

If you have any other questions regarding the moveTHRU Grief  Method, please do not hesitate to reach out to me via email. I’m always happy to hear your story an answer any questions I can to help you along your journey!

Let’s moveTHRU Grief Together

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You’re looking for a supportive community of other people going through the same emotional journey.

You finally want to regain control of your heart, mind, and body.

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