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Demo Features

Here's an overview of what's included in this platform demo:

Sales Funnel

Grow your online sales with a revenue focused sales funnel. Sell memberships, subscriptions, courses and one-time products.

Member Dashboard

Give your members an intuitive member dashboard. This includes streamlined navigation, user favorites, content feeds and more.

Content Library

Create and manage your member-only content with a powerful and flexible content library. Upload various media with content categories and tagging.


Provide your members with course-based content. This includes lesson/module management, user progress tracking, and other custom course features.


Manage all your member events with a simple and sleek calendar interface. Map your events to content, products and permission based settings.

LIVE Content

Create and schedule "LIVE" content with member-only access and live chat threads. This allows you to keep real-time member content behind your platform.

Member Profiles

Let your members create custom profiles to represent themselves and interact with other members in the platform.


Boost engagement and retention with member forums. Your community will run on autopilot with message boards and rich commenting.

Member Messaging

Provide real-time messaging for your members. This gives you a secure and private medium for member-to-member communication.

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