Membership Site Sales Funnel Overview

This workship provides an overview of how we define a sales funnel at member(dev).

Sales funnels are a critical piece of any membership site. A proper sales funnel is distinguished by different stages, which make up a full customer lifecycle. These stages will be used to guide the customer lifecycle and inform your sales strategy. So it’s essential to make sure you define each stage of your funnel.

Avoiding Complexity

This is a huge topic that we talk about at member(dev), and something that hits home to Founder/CEO, Ali Jafarian.

Most software businesses and online memberships face complexity. It comes in all forms, from strategy to technical development. As entrepreneurs we constantly think we need “more” and often give into complexity instead of keeping things simple.

January Workshop: Key Metrics for Membership Websites

Let’s talk about the key metrics for any membership site.

We’ve been working with a lot of startups and early stage businesses lately, so we thought it’d be helpful to host a workshop focusing on the key metrics to monitor on membership websites.

For starters, by “membership website” we’re simply referring to any online business that drives revenue through paid subscriptions – i.e. users pay you a monthly/annual fee to subscribe to your site.

Now that we have context, let’s talk about the key metrics for any membership site.

March LIVE Stream

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